Half Day Sat., Nov. 10; Sunday Nights

Valley Dragon continues to meet on Sunday nights at our usual time (zazen at 7:15 pm). After zazen, we are continuing our casual study of excerpts of zazen-pertinent texts from both Zen and other traditions, led by Titus and other sangha participants. I want to take this chance to encourage you, if sincerely interested in the practice of silent contemplation, to consider exerting a bit of extra effort toward attending Sunday nights regularly. While I accept the years that I felt inspired to devote to intensive daily and residential practice, today I really believe Shunryu Suzuki when he said that regular weekly practice with others may be quite efficacious for most of us. It feels so for me. Our numbers are varying widely, from 15 one week to 2 the next. That’s totally fine, good even, but maintaining a regular core group keeps the energy strong, and I believe attracts good new folks (we do not recruit). Steadiness and consistency are some of Zen’s core values and benefits. Augmented with our monthly half-day sits, I feel that if consistently taken advantage of, these opportunities will grant a quite sufficient feeling for authentic zazen practice.

Our next half day sit is this Saturday, November 10th. You know you could use it!

The schedule is as follows:
1:00-1:35 zazen (sitting)
1:35-1:45 kinhin (walking)
1:45-2:20 zazen
2:20-2:30 kinhin
2:30-3:05 zazen
3:05-3:15 kinhin
3:15-3:50 zazen
3:50-4:00 kinhin
4:00-4:35 zazen
4:35 closing

There is no fee, and you may enter or depart at any point, preferably during the kinhin periods. Donations (for use of space and supplies) are welcome.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing, preferably in muted solid colors that cover knees and shoulders. Make sure cell phones are turned off – please check that vibration also is turned off. Please leave personal items, including purses, water bottles, phones, and watches, in non-practice spaces (entry or back room.)

As usual, we will be at Dragonfly Yoga. Please be in touch if you have questions or concerns.

Albers PC1981.263.2
Josef Albers, “Homage to the Square”, ca. 1950s, lithograph on paper, collection of the Albuquerque Museum