Zazen This Week, 8.20.17

During these stressful and concerning times, please come join us for the simple discipline of silent sitting. The act of coming together to honor the age-old, fundamentally human activity of meditation and introspection is itself a protest against, and a healing of, the endless cycles of greed, hatred, and delusion that keep human beings trapped and suffering needlessly. Come support each other, and the practice of zazen in Albuquerque.

You can arrive early to help set up at 6:45. Zazen instruction is at 7. Zazen starts promptly at 7:15, but please be in your seat and settled a few minutes early.

After zazen, we will continue our study and discussion of Taigen’s book, Zen Questions, finishing the chapter, Zazen as Ritual Enactment. Discussion ends about 8:30 pm.



Half Day Sit 8/12/17

Tomorrow, we will resume our monthly half day sits!

The schedule is as follows:

1:00-1:35 zazen (seated meditation)
1:35-1:45 kinhin (walking meditation)
1:45-2:20 zazen
2:20-2:30 kinhin
2:30-3:05 zazen
3:05-3:15 kinhin
3:15-3:50 zazen
3:50-4:00 kinhin
4:00-4:35 zazen
4:35 Service and closing

There is no fee, and you may enter or depart at any point, preferably during the kinhin periods. Donations are welcome.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing, preferably in dark solid colors that covers knees and shoulders. Make sure cell phones are turned off – please check that vibration also is turned off. Please personal belongings including water bottles in non-practice spaces.


Dragonfly Yoga Studio
1301 Rio Grande Blvd. NW
Suite #2
Albuquerque, NM 87104