New Year’s Eve Zazen 2016

Please join us for extended sitting Saturday, New Year’s eve.

It’s been a challenging year for most everyone. Take advantage of this opportunity to reflect, breath deep, settle, and ground on this last night of 2016.

Open zazen will begin at 9:30. There will not be structured kinhin/walking periods, but people are welcome to stand, walk, or take breaks as needed; come for all or part. Enter and depart at any time. From 11:45-midnight, we will chant the Enmei Juku Kannon Gyo, a prayer for peace. At midnight, a bell will be struck 108 times, concluding the practice session. Please bring a snack or beverage to be shared afterwards.

Can you think of a better way to bring in the new year?



December 10 Half Day Sit

Please join us the Saturday in the practice of simple silence and deepening presence.

The schedule is as follows:

1:00-1:35 zazen
1:35-1:45 kinhin (walking)
1:45-2:20 zazen
2:20-2:30 kinhin
2:30-3:05 zazen
3:05-3:15 kinhin
3:15-3:50 zazen
3:50-4:00 kinhin
4:00-4:35 zazen
4:35 Service and closing

There is no fee, and you may enter or depart at any point, preferably during the kinhin periods. Donations are welcome.

Please wear comfortable clothing that is preferably in dark solid colors and that covers legs and shoulders. Make sure cell phones are turned off – please check that vibration also is turned off. Leave personal items including water bottles in non-practice spaces (back cubbies or entrance way.)

We will be at our usual location, Dragonfly Yoga, 1301 Rio Grande, ABQ.