Samadhi for Difficult Times

A message from ADZG teacher Taigen Dan Leighton

We are practicing in tumultuous times. Our zazen is the samadhi of all beings, to be present together with everyone, even in the middle of sadness and confusion. Tragic murders of black people by police keep happening again and again, recently the senseless and brutal killing of Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, and then the terrible killing of Dallas policemen. We are present with the fear felt by all beings, both black people and police. We recognize the powerful legacy of racism that pervades our society, and all our hearts, and goes back to our country’s foundations in slavery. Our practice gives us the power to face sadness and fear, not to give in to hatred, but to share kindness and support with all. We sit facing the wall not to keep people out, but as a window to see our connectedness, and to see ourselves in all others. I actively support the nonviolent Black Lives Matter movement as a way to honor all beings, and I encourage others to support dialogue and justice.

taigen blm portest


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