Rev. Brian Taylor talk

Recently Rev. Brian Taylor gave a talk at VDZS, in which he discussed his experiences as an Episcopal minister and student of Zen. While we don’t have a transcription of his talk, he’s provided an outline of a recent class he taught online, along with links to his discussions there. Thanks Brian!

The Empty Way – Contemplative Christianity and Zen Buddhism

Talks given by The Rev. Brian C. Taylor

Fall 2015

The teachings and practice of both of the Contemplative Christian and Zen Buddhist traditions offer a particular way of being: an openness to life as it is, compassion towards others, and freedom from anxiety-producing habits of mind. Both emphasize present-moment awareness through silent sitting as the primary path that leads to this way of being.

Themes of these talks include self-emptying and impermanence; faith and grace seen freshly through Buddhist “other-power-practice”; interconnectedness that leads to compassion and justice; and that ephemeral, unnamable reality which some call “God”, and others “the absolute” or “Buddha-nature.”

The talks were originally given for an online course, which included the book Zen Gifts to Christians (Continuum/Bloomsbury Publishing, 2004) by Robert Kennedy, a Jesuit priest, Zen roshi, theologian, and psychotherapist.

The talks are available on Brian Taylor’s website.


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