A visit from guiding teacher Taigen Dan Leighton!

One of our guiding teachers, Taigen Dan Leighton, will be visiting us from Chicago for the first time! Taigen will lead an all-day seminar Saturday 6/28 on the philosophical and ecological ramifications and possibilities presented in Eihei Dogen’s beautiful and epic Mountains and Waters Sutra. He will also give a free public talk the following Monday, 6/30. Please see event details here.


New Time!

Due to a consensus of regulars, we are changing our start time to 6:30 Monday night, 30 minutes earlier than before. Please join us!

Visiting teacher Beate Genko Stolte sensei

beatteIMG92372.jpg-sizedJoin us Monday May 19 at 6:30 for zazen followed by a Dharma talk and discussion with Genko sensei (note: this is 30 minutes earlier than our usual start time!)

Sensei Beate Genko Stolte is a Zen teacher who has practiced Zen for more than 20 years and was priest-ordained in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi (“Zen Mind, Beginners Mind”).

She has degrees in business administration and fiscal law. She has lived, practiced, and taught in Zen Buddhist communities in the United States, Switzerland and Germany and visited Japan for Zen Buddhist studies.

As a co-founder of a German Buddhist Study Center, she served as president of the board for ten years as well as director. Sensei Beate Genko Stolte currently teaches in the USA and Europe.